27 Mar

Why should you go for a rental tuxedo in Singapore?

Singapore is home to some of the best wedding tuxedo renting services. Some of the reasons and benefits of going for a rental-wedding tuxedo include the following.

It is a fashionable trend in the current wedding industry. People are not shying ways from renting a tuxedo for that great day. This trend has gained momentum because it gives the groom an opportunity to get that perfect look and not worry about the cost since Tuxedo Rental in Singapore is super affordable. There are good fashion tailors here in Singapore and they gives you an opportunity to present your best self to the love of your life and truly enables you to feel great during this life defining moment.

Why should you go for a rental tuxedo in Singapore?
tux makes you look good no matter what!

You will be surprised. Most of the rental services for tuxedos in Singapore offer some of the best wedding tuxedos at very affordable rates. You do not have to spend too much money for a wedding tuxedo. Most people fear the thought of having a wedding tuxedo due to the cost implications. However, you can easily find your way around this. What you require is to have information about the kind of tuxedo that will match your wedding theme.

Here, have a look at this video and you will know what I mean =)

19 Jan

Wedding Planning – What We Did

Are you starting to prepare for your wedding now? The good times.. when we prepared for ours, we were really just looking forward to some good advices and luckily for us, our friends that got married, along with siblings that were already married, provided some tips and advices for us.

Below we just wanna share some fun ideas and tips, which you might not have thought of it. Read on!

Some Interesting Themes

Romantic twenties

On that day, the groom can afford being Al Capone or John Dillinger, and you can transform into gangster queen like Bonnie and Clyde.

During that period the dresses were with straight lines and low waist. The boyish look was popular.

Whether you opt for an original piece of clothing from the twenties (or maybe great-grandmother’s wedding dress) or to reproduce, you have a lot of choice.

beautiful gown

Ecological wedding

Choose wildflowers and daffodils linked in bouquets that look as if you just picked.

Your should wear simple dress, made of cotton.

Guest reception organize somewhere in park or wood or meadow.Do not forget to ask permission from the city to assemble and be sure to organize a sufficient number of trash.

Serve organic foods and wine, maybe a vegetarian menu, and for dessert serve as a fruit smoothie.

Useful Tips To Plan Your Wedding

In order to make everything under control, consider the following useful tips to plan your wedding:

Involve The Experts In The Wedding Process

  • Involve wedding vendors during the planning process and feel free when working with them towards making the wedding a success.
  • The experts will enlighten you on what to do considering your wedding budget

lovable wedding cake!

Manage Your Emails (Before They Starting Piling)

  • Ensure you have a stamp for invitations to your wedding to avoid strangers on the day of wedding.
  • Ensure that your invitation contain the direction to the venue of the wedding and communicate the day and the time when wedding will take place
  • Consider the cheapest and reliable means of sending the invitations to your guest.

Taking Care of Kids

  • If you decide to invite kids in the wedding ,then consider hiring child care service provider in a hotel or at reception space

Dressing Attire Dress Code

  • Decide on the way that you wish your maid to dress and communicate it in advance to them.
  • Involve the experts on matters concerning the best attire to clad on the day of the wedding.